Now the world’s smallest, most comfortable hearing aids allow for hands-free connectivity and media streaming straight to your hearing aids.

The invisibel iQ is designed to give the most out of sight fitting hearing aid.  With wireless connectivity available, streaming phone calls straight to your hearing aids has never been easier than ever. Audibel’s best-in-class feedback cancellation system providing feeback free, comfortable listening without the buzzing or whistling of other hearing instruments.


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  1. Many thanks for this morning examination Sean.
    One of my ears felt as if it had wax inside. I rang a week ago to make an appointment. Very helpful the whole team at Harc. It was recommended I use a product to loosen any wax in both ears. This treatment had cleared any loose wax etc. Today I had an examination of both ears Sean assure me that both ears were now clear and clean. So no need for any further treatment. The surprise was NO CHARGE was made by this very honest company. I will certainly be back if I need anything related to ear problems. I would thoroughly recommend anyone needing advice or treatment by the Harc Hearing Consultancy based in Beverley.

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