Being able to chat to loved ones and our friends is something we all take for granted. Unfortunately, for some this is a luxury they are unable to afford.

In many poverty stricken countries, there are thousands of children suffering from hearing loss. Their families unable to afford private medical treatment and there being no provision such as the NHS, these children have to live in a quiet world.

Thankfully, the Starkey Hearing Foundation is here. This foundation is here to provide the basics, to those less fortunate than ourselves. Please find below a message from Olivia, who has been an active member of the foundation.


“Hi everyone,

My name is Olivia Kocsis and I am currently fundraising for The Starkey Hearing Foundation.  The Starkey Hearing Foundation provides free hearing aids, hearing health care, and speech therapy services around the world to individuals that are hard of hearing.  Starkey has provided their services to over 70 countries worldwide including Kenya, Bolivia, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Zambia, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and many more.  I have traveled with Starkey to Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.”

“My goal is to fundraise and donate $5000 to Starkey.  If you would like to donate to this amazing organization, click the link.  All donations are tax deductible.” 

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