Hearing Test


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Knowing about a hearing loss is important. We offer free hearing tests for all those who would like to know if they have a loss. And if they do, the level of hearing loss.


Hearing Aids


Our hearing aid prices fall under 4 main categories. These are dependent on the level of technology. We offer the latest rechargeable, invisible and mobile app friendly hearing aids.



starting from £1695 per pair. These are for users who have a less active lifestyle, and only require an instrument to improve clarity of speech.



Starting from £2195 per pair. For individuals who require enhanced technology, and expect comfort and clarity of speech within busy environments.



Starting from £2695 per pair.  For people who have a more active lifestyle and require a higher level of technology, so hearing becomes more effortless and natural .



Starting from £3095 per pair. These are the most sophisticated instruments ever produced, with features including Sound Analyser, Machine Learning, Mobile app Connectivity, and Soundsense.


Earwax Removal (Micro Suction)

Micro Suction is the method of removing blocked earwax. For this service we charge £40 for one ear or £60 for two ears.