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Do My Employees Need a Hearing Test?


Testing employee’s hearing levels at regular intervals, is a legal requirement if their work place is a noisy environment which requires them to wear hearing protection .  Not only is testing the hearing of your workforce important to you to stay compliant with the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) but this is also a good time to talk individuals, if they are suffering from chronic hearing conditions such as NIHL  (Noise Induced Hearing Loss) which can have a real negative impact on their life.  Even with the introduction of hearing protection in the work place, it is still advisable that employers perform regular hearing tests.


What is Involved in Work Place Hearing Tests?


Hearing tests will comply with BSA Surveillance Audiometry recommendations through the following.

  • Otoscopy examination, visual inspection of the ear canal by the Audiologist. Checking for infections, perforation of the ear drum and occlusion from the build up of wax.
  • Full Diagnostic Audiometry, which includes air conduction and bone conduction.
  • Advice for those employees who have a hearing loss and want to discuss the options available to them.
  • Referral letters to GP if necessary.
  • A comprehensive individual Audiology report for each employee.



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